Wyndegarde Farms

Alpacas, Fiber, and Sustainability

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Welcome To Wyndegarde farms

We are a small farm located on 8 acres in beautiful Palmyra, New York.
We offer the natural beauty and versatility of alpacas, alpaca fiber products, and a few other agricultural gems.


Our Roots

In addition to the Alpacas, the farm produces vegetable crops from a large garden, fruits from our orchard, and will soon have an apiary for bees to produce honey and beeswax. We take pride in practicing environmentally friendly and sustainable farming and living.


Our products

Alpaca fiber is a natural and sustainable fiber source for clothing. For a very long time the benefits of alpaca fiber have been known to spinners and knitters who make gorgeous and comfortable sweaters, afghans, socks, hats, blankets, and more.


The winds are dancing across the fields, stirring the fleece and the feet, of those who softly sing the melody and smile so mysteriously.


On The Farm

Our alpaca herd

We want to encourage more people to own and raise alpacas! The national herd will grow, which will make more fiber available—and, will make our first goal more achievable.

Our Sustainability

We want to encourage a more natural and balanced lifestyle. By integrating technological advances with a natural agricultural lifestyle, balanced living is ushered in and life becomes more enjoyable.